LA PORCHETTERIA lekker en snel !

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13 nov 2021 om 11:22 The porchetta is amazing and the pizza Margherita with burrata as well!
19 aug 2021 om 22:02 Heerlijke porchetta, ruim belegde pizza en erg vriendelijke mensen!
12 aug 2021 om 21:20 I did not receive anything from Prostia that I want to give my opinion! I did not receive my order and I am really upset !!!
30 jul 2021 om 7:48 Truly a favorite place with consistently great food!
12 mei 2021 om 23:22 Best pizza ever!!!
26 mrt 2021 om 21:33 It was delicious!! Will definitely order again. I cannot even decide on a favorite item, they are all amazing and ingredients are very tasty.
12 mrt 2021 om 19:43 Un Capolavoro!
18 feb 2021 om 21:20 Pizza was freezing cold.
22 jan 2021 om 22:20 Truly, some of the best food in the city but sometimes let down by timings and unpredictability.
18 jan 2021 om 18:11 Food was cold :(
10 jan 2021 om 21:11 De drie pizza's waren niet meer warm helaas. maar de smaak was prima
20 dec 2020 om 20:54 Buonissima davvero!!!